Established in 1975, Birdy Fashion is India's leading manufacturer and exporter of readymade garments. During this time we have had clients in countries such as The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Birdy Fashion proudly presents itself as a leading garment manufacturer and exporter. Birdy Fashion has perfected the art of manufacturing woven garments over the years. We have grown from a niche to a giant catering to the need of garments importers all around the globe. One stop shop for all your apparel needs, Birdy Fashion is India's leading garment manufacturer and exporter engaged in production of various readymade garments with unique advantages in output, quality, variety and sales of products. Our range includes clothing for men, women & children in various kinds of fabrics.

The garments industry in India is one of the best in the world. An extremely well organized sector, garment manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, stockists and wholesalers are the gateway to an extremely enterprising clothing and apparel industry in India. There are numerous garments exporters, garments manufacturers, readymade garments exporters etc. both in the small scale as well as large scale.

Today, garments exports from India have made inroads into the international market for their durability, quality and beauty. One of the reasons for the economical pricing of India's ready made garments and apparels is the availability of highly skilled, cheap labor in the country.

Our range includes clothing for men, women and children in various kinds of fabrics. Our Men's collection includes shirts and shorts; and our Women's range consists of blouses, skirts, dresses and nightwear. The variety of fabrics we use includes 100% cotton- poplins, yarn dyes and blended fabrics like PC, PV and stretch. Some are enhanced with high quality prints, beautiful embroideries, bead-work, pleating, pintucking, different kinds of washes and much more.

Our clients include well reputed brand labels and departmental stores such as the Arcadia Group (Topman, Burtons, Bhs), Debenhams, River Island, Envy (Tom Wolfe), H&M, GUS, Dunnes Stores, Dorothy Perkins, Mackays, Tesco (Cherokee, Florence and Fred) and Monoprix, to name a few.

Our unit in Bangalore boasts of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. And our efficient team of managers keep us ahead of our competitors, in terms of excellent service to our clients by giving them quality and timely shipments. Our prices are also very competitive due to a comprehensive in-house unit which includes embroidery machines, a washing plant and other facilities that help keep our costs low, enabling us to give you better prices.

If clothing is your need, we at Birdy Fashion are your answer. We are ready to cater to your needs, keeping in mind the changing trends of fashion worldwide, now and in the future.

Summary of our organization :

A. H.O.- Mumbai

  1. Managing director
  2. Directors and Marketing team
  3. Export Manager
  4. Accounts Department
  5. Merchandisers
  6. Sampling Unit
  7. R & D team
  8. Showroom and conference rooms
  9. All other personnel's in charge for various departments in our organizations.

B. Factory- Bangalore

  1. Directors
  2. General manager- Bangalore Factory
  3. Q.C. TEAM- A.Q.L. Levels followed 2.5 and above as per buyers requirements.
  4. COC AND GPQ in charge
  5. Merchandisers
  6. Sampling and Inspection Units.
  7. Showroom and conference rooms
  8. All other personnel's in charge for various departments at our unit.


Birdy Fashion's success story has come a long way. Started by our managing director Mr. Surendra Shah in the year 1975 in Mumbai with just one office and a Vision. His vision to grow Birdy Fashion by leaps and bounds by providing quality products and service to our customers. Seeing the growing potential of the garment industry in the city of Bangalore, Birdy Fashion set up its first factory their in 1992. Since then the factory under the supervision of our MD has set standards for many other units in the city. Mr. Shah's idea of having a state of the art unit and a comprehensive one with added facilities such as embroidery and washing units under one roof, has enabled our company to keep our cost low and at the same time providing our customers a great product at low prices with faster deliveries.

We thank all our clients for their goodwill and their support through the years and we welcome our new customers to the one stop shop world of Birdy Fashion.